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Sylvie Pinard

Sylvie is a multimedia visual artist inviting the viewer to a colorful world seen through her eyes as an artist and geologist. Expressing her appreciation for, and the wonder of, life, she uses colors, shapes, and textures. She considers her paintings as temporal capsules that often deal with natural environments, or an imaginary world to allow the viewer to travel to another space and infuse them with a sense of joie de vivre, breaking away from the everyday life. She seeks to create an art work with a balance and harmony that conveys calm, energy, or simply creates a connection with our natural environment. For Sylvie, the creative process is just as important as the final product. The pleasure of exploring without using a recipe allows her to strike a balance between her passion for science and her love for art. Her works range from representational to non-representational and can be found homes throughout North America and overseas. Her moto: Explore, Learn, Create.

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