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Quiet time of the day_ Moment calme de la journée     acrylic on canvas

Nicole Geoffrion

Born and raise in Québec city, this is where I started with pencil and colours to discover my
need to create. After completing my Degree in Graphic Art, I establish my self and family in
Calgary. My background in graphic conception influence my vision of the world. I like to play
with the elements of designs to transform the reality of my various subjects into a new one
which will translate in fantasy or symphony of colours. I like to provoke reflections in the viewers,
and make them discover their own stories.

Waiting an other day_ Attendre un autre jour    12x12    mixed media on canvas
Tulips for a vase_ Tulipes pour un vase     36x24      acrylic on canvas
Small quiet day_ Petite journée tranquille     30x30      acrylic on canvas
The road to a new life_ La route vers une nouvelle vie     20x20 on canvas     acrylic
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